The Mission of the Office of Faculty Development within the Department of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine is to:

  • Promote the career development of faculty
  • Assist with recruitment and retention of pediatric faculty
  • Increase leadership opportunities for women and minorities

Envision: OFD's Newsletter of Events and Promotions

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2015 - December Update, December, September, June, March

2014 - December, September, June, March

2013 - December, September, June, April

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Contact Our Office

Office of Faculty Development
Department of Pediatrics

Campus Box 8116
St. Louis Children's Hospital
One Children’s Place
St. Louis, MO 63110

Office: 314.454.4952
Fax: 314.454.4979

Bess M. Marshall, MD

David Schnadower, MD, MPH

Yumi Turmelle, MD, MSPH

Program Coordinator

Janet Braun

WUPS (Washington University Profile System)

Video: Conference on Evidence-Based Innovations to Support Women in Biomedical Research Careers

Upcoming Faculty Development Programs

OFD New Faculty Orientation
August 25, NWT10A, 12-3:30 pm

Spotlight on Women in Medicine and Science

September 7, 2017   1-3 pm
EPNEC Seminar Room B
Register Here
Open to entire WU community

Peds Faculty Breakfast
Advocating for child health; how to get involved
Speakers: Katie Plax, MD and Sarah Garwood, MD
Sept. 22, 2017
8-9 AM; NWT10A
Register Here

Inputting your CEP into WUPS

30-45 minute workshop
Registration not required

Sept 11 @noon, NWT10A
Sept 15 @ 8 am, NWT10A
Oct 4 @ 8 am, NWT10A
Oct 5 @ noon, NWT10A

Diversity Training
Diversity and inclusion leaders provide a series of four, one-hour training sessions on the fundamentals of diversity education.
No registration required

Diversity 1.0  What diversity means and how to define it
October 16 @ noon, SLCH 3rd Floor Auditorium
October 23 @ 8 am, SLCH 3rd Floor Auditorium

Diversity 2.0 What aspects of diversity affect us (i.e., biases and prejudices)
January 23 @ 8 am, SLCH 3rd Floor Auditorium
January 29 @ noon, SLCH 3rd Floor Auditorium

Diversity 3.0 How biases and prejudices manifest in our day-to-day thoughts and actions
To be scheduled in March

Diversity 4.0 How to recognize and mitigate biases and prejudices when we do encounter them
To be scheduled in June