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Welcome to the Office of Faculty Development (OFD) for the Department of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine. OFD is supported through funding made available from St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH) and Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM).

The Birth of OFD

At a retreat for pediatric division directors conducted in August 2006, several recommendations were brought forward concerning issues related to faculty development. Several working groups were formed to further develop these ideas.

One working group was charged with reviewing the status of women within the Department of Pediatrics. This group, co-chaired by Angela Sharkey, MD, and Greg Storch, MD, recognized that many issues identified by the working group were not gender-specific, but affected all faculty members. The group then went on to develop a roadmap for change.

One outgrowth of this roadmap was the concept of an office, housed within the department that would focus on faculty retention, promotion and satisfaction. Thus, the Office of Faculty Development came into being.

The OFD strives to support pediatric faculty members in their efforts to achieve their professional potential. The intent of this office is to help provide a supportive working environment that includes guidance and mentorship. Our hope is to foster communication and help in facilitating policies, procedures and interests related to faculty professional development.

OFD serves to promote a gender-neutral and diverse faculty environment and will work toward an increase in faculty recruitment and retention.

We welcome your input -- feel free to send comments to our office via this web site!

Office of Faculty Development
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