Overview WU Office of Diversity and Inclusion Training Initiatives

Diversity 1.0-4.0
Employees can participate in four levels of training, starting with Diversity and Inclusion 1.0. Each level builds on concepts to help participants grow and work toward a concrete approach for creating positive change within their school, department, campus and even the external community. In the end, employees can leave with a plan of action.Employees can sign up for an open session, or check with their department for customized sessions to schools and units.

The sessions include:

  • Diversity 1.0 – Awareness

  • Diversity 2.0 – Understanding

  • Diversity 3.0 – Commitment

  • Diversity 4.0 – Action

Training Times and registration can be found on WU Learn@Work. Sign in with your WUSTL key.

Passport to Diversity and Inclusion: a program offers recognition and rewards to staff and faculty for participation in diversity and inclusion offerings and events. Participation is easy. Register for any segment of the event online through Learn@Work